Why Matmi Is MORE Than A Digital Agency

We talk to brands every day, and some of the most common gripes we hear about their experiences with digital agencies are;

Work not being delivered on time

Loss of control over project

Using various different companies when you could use just one

Issues with quality

Lack of customer focus

That’s where we swoop in to the rescue. Matmi provide all the digital services of a traditional digital agency – but so much more! We don’t like to limit our service offering as we are always growing, using new technologies and testing ambitious ideas. Our dedicated R&D department and multi-disciplined design and development team work hard to ensure that no idea is too crazy! We relish the opportunity to discover and create something new and wonderful, as well as building on our tried and tested, award winning engines.

We work closely with our clients and some of the leading agencies, building relationships and getting stuck in with creative from day one, so they get so much more out of us than a finished product. The alternative is to use a freelancer, and they are not always available, consistent or reliable. Think of us as the best agency you never had!

Our service list is an on going project in itself! Click to find out more:

Games and Apps

Web experiences and micro-sites

Social campaigns and integration

Animated, Static and Interactive Banners

Competition Mechanics

Gamified Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Experiential marketing campaigns

Phygital solutions


Character Design

3D modelling