Why awards are like buses

There’s definitely mischief afoot. In the space of 36 hours on 10th and 11th November, no less than 4 digital marketing and business award ceremonies take place. And guess what? We’re in all of them! It’s a conspiracy!!


Right now, we know that we’re shortlisted for the BIMA Awards (British Interactive Media Association) for the second year running, and for the DADI Awards (Drum Awards for the Digital Industries) for the fourth year running. As well as a category listing in the DADI’s Leisure/Travel/Sports for United Airline’s Optathlon campaign, Matmi and Jeff have been shortlisted for Agency of the Year and Individual of the Year, respectively. None too shabby that!


Fortunately, these two take place on consecutive nights, the BIMAs in London and the DADIs in Leeds. So far so good. But then, the inaugural Lovies Awards, a European version of The Webbys (the Oscars of the digital industry) decides it’s also going to hold its awards ceremony on the same night as the DADIs in London. And our local Macclesfield & Wilmslow Business Awards makes its presentations on the same night as the BIMAs in Cheshire!



Oh yes – totally! It looks like we will have to send one envoy to London and another to Cheshire and Leeds, so please don’t give us any deadlines for 10th & 11th November! We also entered the EPICA Awards for the 1st time this year – but they’ve had the good sense to wait until 20th January. We may need until then to recover.


Joking aside though, it’s no hardship to enter and attend awards with highly successful campaigns like Optathlon and “Escape to Plastic Beach” for the Gorillaz/EMI Music. Yes, we’re hoping for some wins, not least to show the marvellous Matmians how marvellous they are, and to thank them for the blood, sweat and tears they shed on our behalf.


A big Thank You to all the award organisers too. Cross everything everybody – especially on 10th & 11th November. It could be an early Christmas (ugh – there’s that word again, sorry).


Humbly and hopefully, Penny.

October 2011