When Jeff Did the Festival of Games

Last week Matmi CEO Jeff packed his bags and jetted off to Amsterdam to speak at the prestigious Festival of Games, where industry experts from all across Europe joined forces to share their knowledge and expertise.


With experience to boot and a fair few success stories under his belt, Jeff thought what better way to start than with a warts and all tale of the development of our upcoming release Rollabear! He explained how the game evolved along with the technology throughout production, offering the audience an inspirational insight into the development process of this and Matmi’s recent release, PocketWarwick.

Next Jeff covered the world of cloud gaming and how it can be exploited by those within the industry, he also explained how this has opened the door to more complex games than ever previously seen.


Then it was on to one of Jeff’s favourite topics, Gamification. He explored the importance of Gamification and how it has affected the gaming landscape, encouraging fellow developers to get stuck in!


Another concept discussed was the digital world becoming part of the physical world, thus creating Phygital. Matmi’s new app created for the Alton Towers Smiler ride features an interactive 3D rollercoaster game along with gamified location-based Augmented Reality, entertaining people in queuing systems and all around the theme park. This is an exciting example of media convergence and is something Jeff is extremely passionate about.

Finishing things off Jeff revealed his predictions and views on what is next in gaming. If you want to pick the brains of the man behind Matmi and couldn’t make it to this event, then you can catch Jeff at the HTML 5 Apps event at Mobile Monday Manchester on June 3rd.

May 2013