We did it for the second year running!

What’s the difference between us and a one hit wonder? We do what we love – so we love what we do. Which is why Matmi’s second Christmas viral, Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow, is officially the world’s No.1 festive viral this year. We love it! So it’s OK being No.1 for a day – even Christmas day – but there’s something very special about creating a Christmas chart topper for the second year running.Our massive Christmas hit

For all you viral visionaries out there, you may be interested to know that we were No.1 in three separate charts; Viral Chart, Lycos Games and the awesome KillBoard chart from KillerViral. This one is special because it uses a collection of figures, not just the number of plays. The duration of play, number of returning visitors, number of sites linked into the game and number of countries are all taken into consideration. Killboard informs me that Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow is also officially the highest trafficking viral in a single day EVER, so we’re feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Not in a smug way though.

I spent Christmas and New Year in Thailand and Laos which have loads of Internet cafes and they were full of Bhuddist monks, many playing the game! Nobody seemed that bothered that I’d played a part in creating it. I don’t think I even got a free beer out of it, miserable gits. Ooops, better watch out for the negative karma coming back on me…. I will post more about my trip away soon.

Anyway, that’s not all! Can you believe that Santa Fartypants, our 2006 Xmas release, came in at this year’s No.3 based on its figures from this year only?! It’s nice to do things that people like. Much nicer than doing things people don’t like.

To finish, I’ll just say a couple of things:

Celebrity Messaging and Big Red Carpet – you got one hell of a deal when you sponsored Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow! It’s no bloody wonder I’m not rich! I may be calling in a couple of favours from you in the future. Remember who your friends are.

Team – you did a fantastic job while I was away – thank you very, very much. I think I’ll do it again next year and see if you can make it a hat trick. No seriously, I humbly appreciate your time, passion and commitment to getting the Matmi magic exactly right.

Thank you, Jeff.

January 2008