Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Games

The Brief

Mamti was contacted by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue to develop an internet-based learning platform focused on Fire Safety for children. Presently, the Fire Service conducts visits to each school throughout the year, providing educational assemblies for Year 1 and classroom sessions for Year 5. While acknowledging the significance of these sessions, they sought a way to elevate the learning experience.

Our Solution

We combined the videos the fire service has already produced with a number of mini-games. This was delivered as a webpage that created an immersive experience, following an almost identical path to the assemblies/classroom workshops but using videos and mini-games.


The games offer a user-friendly and accessible experience, featuring instinctive and recognisable game controls. The mini games cater to players of diverse ages and skill levels. The visual design is streamlined to maintain a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere, while effectively highlighting crucial fire safety instructions.