Warwick Davis: My Favourite Game

Actor Warwick Davis is perhaps best known to one generation as Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi or as the protagonist of the Lucas-produced fantasy adventure Willow. To others, he’s more familiar for being Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter films, or the star of TV mockumentary Life’s Too Short. But since a fateful meeting with Darth Vader, he’s been a gamer at heart.


You’ve coauthored an app in Pocket Warwick. Do you find yourself playing games on your phone, or do other apps take up the time? 

Well, there’s so much you can do on your phone now, isn’t there? So you do have to make a conscious choice: am I going to use that free time to play a game, or am I going to catch up on Twitter, or look at the stock market? [I play] Pocket Warwick, obviously, but I also really enjoy the Reckless Racing games on the iPhone.


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Matmi‘s insight:

“Interesting insight into Warwick’s thoughts on gaming – showing off his true love for all things that go brrum, pow, ting and beep.”

We saw this love of gaming when working alongside him on the PocketWarwick app. A true enthusiast for the media. Keep an eye out for an exciting ‘little’ update to the PocketWarwick app coming soon.