Vimto’s High Dive

Those cheeky Vimto characters are having a ball in their new digital dimension!  And their teenage target audience are lapping it up too:


  • The online elements of Vimto’s £5m re-brand in 2009 have delivered the most efficient recall in the 12 – 16 year-old age bracket.
  • There have been 1,700 UGC uploads to the competition on the new UK website created by yours truly.
  • The site tops the Alexa ranks of it’s competitors, 12% ahead of its nearest rival and continuing on an upward trend.
  • The “ Dive” game and e-card released to drive traffic to the site have been played over 5 million times in 4 months.
  • And Vimto itself said that UK sales in the first half of 2009 were “strongly outperforming the market – up 13.4% in a drinks market experiencing a 1.9% decline in the same period.”

I consider it a privilege as well as a pleasure to work with a brand that’s 101 years old this year, more popular than ever, and true to itself.  That’s why taking the Vimto fruit into today’s digital dimension has been such a success.  (And I’d like to think that there’s a certain sprinkle of Matmi magic in those result too.  Onward!).


November 2009