Vimto Digital Campaign: A look back

Here at Matmi we don’t like to let our fantastic work be forgotten, so lets take a look back at the digital campaign we produced for Vimto in 2007.


Vimto appointed Matmi to design & deliver the digital elements of its brand strategy. The objectives were:


To create new teen-oriented site with interactive and viral content,

To create a social networking strategy to change the perception of the brand in the under 30’s age group.

Working with the “Seriously Mixed Up Fruit” campaign, the website brought the Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Grape characters to life. Our aim was to generate interest, engagement and affinity with the brand, to develop sticky content for improved return rates and drive traffic to the site. We created an exciting, dynamic 3D web experience, including a competition featuring UGC uploaded content, lots of prizes, free games, screensavers and wallpapers to download, the High Dive advergame and ecard campaign, as well as the Skatepark Pinball advergame.


The High Dive advergame was released simultaneously with a matching branded UGC electronic greeting card to generate site traffic.High Dive is based on the opening sequence of the website with fruit characters diving from a plane without parachutes to be mushed on landing. To maximise reach, players could share this with a friend using the e-card, through a personal message featuring the talking “seriously mixed up fruit” characters. The e-card’s automatic game forwarding is based on an award winning concept that we created and trialled in 2007, it delivered the highest trafficking viral of the year and a worldwide Christmas No.1 advergame for Matmi as an own-brand release (HoHoHo Yellow Snow).


Well we don’t want to brag, but they were outstanding!

  • The Vimto website attracted an average of 725 visitors per day since release with a return rate of over 50%.
  • There was a significant increase in traffic since the linked online game, High Dive and personalised e-card were released.
  • Within the first year High Dive attracted over 7.8 million plays by over 1.65m unique players and an average play time of 7.3 minutes per game.
  • Website traffic tripled post game release and the game consistently delivered over 12,000 plays per week.
  • Traffic jumped again after the May 2010 Cherry Vimto launch, which created renewed interest in Vimto online.
  • In 2010, our Skatepark Pinball follow up release achieved an amazing average play time of 10 minutes.

“This company understands how to reach a particular audience and offer a fulfilling online brand experience that wins hearts and minds.  We’re very excited about fresh, savvy digital possibilities for Vimto and look forward to breaking new ground with some of the online marketing techniques we use. The whole site has a mischievous, fun feel completely in keeping with Vimto’s heritage and personality.” – Emma Hunt, senior brand manager at Vimto.



Well there you have it – yet more proof of the fantastic results a branded game can produce. Ask yourself this…can your current form of digital marketing produce these kind of results? Can your current online ad’s get your customers engaging with your brand for this long? Matmi is more than able to produce these results for your brand. Want to know more? Get in touch.

March 2013