Upcycle, Recycle and Reskin!

Over the years Matmi have produced many award winning and unique games. We have made hundreds and hundreds of engines in Flash and on mobile, tablet and Facebook; including social campaigns for MAC Cosmetics, ASDA, Iron Maiden etc. With all these engines there are endless possibilities to what we can do with them, that’s where the ‘upcycle, recycle, reskin’ comes in. We can recreate them in weird and wonderful ways, but at a much lower cost!

Branded gaming on a budget!

Why do we do this? We know not everyone out there has the budget for bespoke content, although the return on investment is incredible and they are no doubt a great way to go, we understand it’s not always an option.  Matmi have built and own the IP for the majority of our back catalogue. That’s why we offer reskins of original games, to give you the best of both worlds. A tried and tested concept at a lower cost!

Our Let It Flow game for Comic Relief won 6 awards, received over 19 million plays in 18 months and reached the number one spot in the viral charts. It was a groundbreaking game, and we reskinned it for Keyline Builders Merchants with the (rather cheeky) Call Of Nature and for a B2B campaign for Maginus called Channel Connect.

November 2013