The Year of Awards rolls on…

Matmi have had a fantastic year so far regarding recognition for our work.


We have won at events such as The Big Chip Awards, The Digi Awards, How-Do Awards, nominated for Best Use Of Games at the Cannes Lions and received a special honoree mention at the Webby Awards (first time of entering too). Enough awards to make the little Matmian eyes pop.


And our run keeps on going. Only last week we were nominated for a BIMA award for our work on the Optathlon Campaign. 


However, that was not the end of our amazing week. Our chief Matmian Jeff Coghlan was nominated at the DADIs for ‘Individual Of The Year’ (fear not, my fellow Matmians shall keep his feet on the ground). Matmi itself was also nominated for ‘Agency of the Year’. We are all obviously very proud of the work we do but it’s always nice to be recognised by others.


The winners of the DADI awards are based on an open vote. If you feel the Matmians and their ever-so humble leader Jeff Coghlan deserve this recognition, you can vote here:


If you need some persuading, check out our some of our latest work:



Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach

Matmi need your vote!


Thank you for listening to this self-promotion. Your regularly scheduled updates will continue shortly 8¬) 


Mini Matmian.

October 2011