Thank you – but why now?

A special event is upon us in the New Year. Rejoice in tidings a new. Why?

Because Matmi will be 10 on 1st January 2011.  It’s made me realise how far we’ve come and that we have a lot of Thank You’s to say to everyone who’s helped us on the way.

I know it sounds corny, but we couldn’t have made this journey without clients, gamers, game sites and their owner, partner agencies, the Matmians and many more supporters.  All of you are more than supporters to me.  You had the courage to believe in us, take a risk, try something new (and take the credit when it worked!  No, I don’t mean that).

What you really did was help us spread the word that, to be successful beyond 2001, brands need to think differently in the digital space.  It’s pure indulgence, but here’s are a few highlights that every friend of Matmi will know about – plus a few you may not.  (We’re like that…).

In our first decade, Matmi & friends have :

  • Taken John Prescott to Hollywood
  • Helped Lily Allen escape her fear
  • Rocked the world and the Universe with Iron Maiden
  • Saved our local boozer from destruction
  • Spread the word of Comic Relief to 44 million people and counting
  • Made waiting for a plane fun
  • Escaped to Plastic Beach with the Gorillaz
  • Taught 11 million kids how to brush their teeth
  • Showed the UK the colour of Chris Tarrant’s money
  • Taken thousands of people to the Celebrity Jungle
  • Tabled a monster romance with Apple
  • Taught Scots how to evacuate a burning building
  • Invented hundreds of new ways to crush fruit
  • Saved Christmas with the aid of Santa’s sprout-powered pants
  • It’s the stuff of dreams – but I’m not sure even my dreams are this amazing.  It’s a fantastic pedigree and we’re going to be having a few celebrations over the next 12 months.  Some gatherings, some give-aways and possibly some games.  After all, that’s what got us here in the first place.

From the bottom of the bottom of my heart (read that carefully), a million Thank You’s.  It’s been hard work and sometimes scary – but a lot of the time, we’ve been having criminal amounts of fun.  I hope that never changes.

Enjoy with us.  Jeff.

October 2010