Ten Pin Crazy Golfing

What do you do when crazy golf has lost its lustre and bowling has become humdrum? Simple, you combine them into the most exciting game since polar bears invented cribbage! The aim of the game is simple; knock down as many of the ‘Pinguins’ as you can while navigating ten levels of snowdrifts, windmills, whales and other icy obstacles. Can you get a strike, or will you being going ‘spare?’

Best of all, if you don’t like the look of the Pinguins, you can swap their ugly mugs for pictures of your family and friends using Matmi’s new UStar technology, which we’re pretty sure is a first, unless there’s some other 3D browser game out there that not only lets you upload pictures from your hard drive, but from Facebook as well? If there is, it’s doing a pretty good job of hiding!

This is probably the most fun you’ll have this winter without taking your coat and mittens off!

December 2009

After much anticipaton, we released our new facebook game, Ten-Pin Crazy Golfing in time for the Christmas break; but here at Matmi we’re perfectionists and so we couldn’t resist tweaking the game to make the game even better.

We’re not going to spoil the surprise and tell you want we’ve added and changed, but it’s not long to go before we unveil the new and improved Ten-Pin Crazy Golfing, so keep watching this space for something really special!

January 2010