Sport Relief for couch potatoes

OK you lazy lot! (Me included, actually…). If you’d like to support this year’s Sport Relief fund raising but don’t fancy running the mile (or like me, don’t even have the gear), then this one is for you!


Comic Relief has been so impressed with what we did for Red Nose Day since 16th March 2007 that they’ve commissioned Matmi to produce the only online game promoting Sport Relief 2008. Entitled Animal Athletics, you can find it here and if you’d like to donate to a very worthy cause, you can link straight to the Sport Relief site from the game. Thank you all and wish us luck.


Whereas most Sport Relief efforts will be over and done by the time you read this blog, Animal Athletics starts a marathon to help Sport Relief raise funds and maintain awareness for a whole year. Our phenomenal Red Nose Day 2007 viral, Let It Flow, has engaged 14 million players around the world, consistently from March 2007 to March 2008. It’s never been out of the world’s Top Twenty most popular virals and it’s generated a 10% click thru to the Red Nose Day website. You do the maths!


Animal Athletics has a hard act to follow, but you know we love a challenge at Matmi. Have a play and see what you think. You can be a javelin throwing warthog, a pole vaulting rhino or a hurdling hamster – fun for all ages 0 – 99. 


Enjoy! Jeff.


March 2008