Running across the roof for Cancer Research

Our latest charity fund-raising advergame is for Cancer Research UK to promote the 40 “Run 10K” events around the UK which start in September. Aptly named “Rooftop Runner”, it’s off to a runaway start with over a million plays in the first two weeks.


The game is a dash for cash but it’s based on the free running phenomenon – where the athletic runners use jumps, vaults and flips across the urban landscape to reach their destination over the rooftops rather than by road. We’re counting on the game’s viral potential to help Cancer Research promote the “Run 10K” events, and drive traffic to the Run 10K website where you can register for a run or make a donation.


We all know someone affected by cancer. Cancer Research is a world-class researcher and offers unwavering support to patients, their friends and family so please help spread the word and send this game to as many people as you can. generalscreenshot.jpg


And talking of doing great things, I’d like to congratulate one of our newest team members, Juan, who’s put blood, sweat and tears into the “Rooftop Runner” game. He graduates in July from Salford University where he’s officially the best post-grad student in Art & Design. (That’s very humbling for me because I want to make sure Juan’s got enough interesting work at Matmi to make it worth staying around!). Keep up the great work, Juan; it’s OK by me if you want to do algebra in your lunch break. (And even more humbling, he’s a really nice guy).


June 2009