Yep, that’s right, Rollabear is really out NOW. We don’t need to tell you again the time, effort and major love that’s been poured in to this game. But what we will say is, it’s available from the Apple app store right now for a special early bird sale price of 69p!

And our crazy little bears are already getting people talking; within hours of its release Rollabear was named the NUMBER 1 hottest game on TouchArcade, which is one of the biggest iOS games sites in the world. Who can argue with that eh?

For those who haven’t heard us banging on about it for the last 3 years and want a better idea of what it’s about before taking the plunge; Rollabear is set across 3 magical wonderlands, where players can roll, bounce, dodge, fall and fly in this addictive and thrilling 3D action game. Intertwining the skill of ten-pin bowling with some crazy-golf inspired courses, Rollabear has 3 wild modes of play (Campaign, Ten Round, and Survivor), all packed with humour and great animation, including the odd bit of punky bear dancing!

October 2013