Red Bull Racing

From Vimto to Red Bull in the blink of a bike gear!

Whoa – slow down there! Body armour, full face helmets, a winding downhill mountain-side course on a bike at speeds over 40mph? Oh yes…. the Red Bull Road Rage event on Belgium’s famous Côte de la Redoute racetrack is more a test of mettle than metal.

Our challenge was to bring all the skill, speed, excitement and unpredictability of flying down a twisty mountain road, virtually airborne, and put it at your fingertips to play (safely…) at home. We’ve learned more about bike gears, acceleration, turning angles, skids, slides and crashes than we really wanted to know (only joking…) but the results are pretty darned good (though we say it ourselves).

Red Bull Road Rage

You can play the game here. And if you get bored of extreme bike racing, you can always try the cliff diving instead. Mmmm – what if we added in some missiles…. . No! Keep it real. Enjoy.

June 2010