Philip’s toothbrushes go for the Cosmic Clean!

We’re used to surprising other people with the player stats for our releases, but it’s not often that we knock ourselves out.


Released in 2009, “Brilliant Brushers” is one of our simplest games, but has been a jaw-dropping success. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds and their parents with a dental hygiene message wrapped up in a fun way, it has had over 18 million plays lasting almost 7 minutes each on average. Wow! That is simply breath-taking.


Created for Philips to promote its Sonicare range of toothbrushes for kids, “Brilliant Brushers” now has a sequel in this year’s release of “Cosmic Clean”. Featuring our hero of the pearly whites, Sonic Simon, and his sidekick Sonic Sophie, the daring dental duo take off for a 3 level game to spread good dental hygiene habits throughout the cosmos. The aliens of the Moons of Molar, Planet Plaque and Comet Canine are in for a toothy treat!


In all seriousness though, fun and simplicity are not to be sneezed at as successful game mechanics. And if Matmi helps spread the word about good dental hygiene for a few million kids and parents around the globe, we can live with that.


Game on! Stewart.

October 2011