The Brief

In 2010 Matmi were approached by Barrie D’Rozario Murphy to produce five free-to-play online and mobile games for United Airlines, designed so that each game promoted a different flight upgrade option.

Our Solution

The five games we created were:

  • Legroom Legend (Unity3D – Mobile)
  • Line Jump Hero (Unity3D – Mobile)
  • Mileage Ace (Flash – Web)
  • Suitcase Skyway (Flash – Web)
  • Airport Oasis (Flash – Web)

Being free-to-play and accessible in transit meant that passengers could play the games in the airport – prompted by on-the-spot advertising.  As part of the campaign, United’s customers could win flight upgrades instantly and claim their upgrade before boarding their flight. 

As the campaign closed in October 2010, the games had been played over 5 million times by 750,000 unique visitors.  85,000 passengers won free upgrades – and went on to purchase them on subsequent flights and spread the word to fellow passengers. Optathlon earned United Airlines millions of dollars’ worth of additional revenue and gained valuable PR coverage in the travel/tourism press.  But it hasn’t stopped there because the beauty of the games is that they can still be played.