Monster on Nokia triggers monster app sale!

Remember two years ago when mobile apps were new? Me neither! Surely the world has always had apps?!

Feels like it, but only 24 months ago our very first app, Monster Pinball, was a monster smash and set us up for many more successful releases. Gorillaz on the iPad (not long after the tablet had come out, thanks to a direct request from Apple Europe), the multi-award winning Optathlon suite from United Airlines (a multi-platform releases using Unity 3D to develop for Android and iOS) and what now?!

It’s the long-awaited return of Monster Pinball – but this time for Nokia smartphones. So many platforms, so little time, arrrggghhhh!!!

To celebrate, we’ve only gone and put a load of our apps on half price and special price deals!

Truckloads of fun for tiny amounts

– Monster Pinball on Nokia (£1.00) and iPhone ($0.99)

– Gorillaz “Escape to Plastic Beach” (also award winning) on iPhone ($0.99) and iPad ($1.29)

– Multiball Pinball on iPhone ($0.59) and in HD on the iPad ($0.59)

– The Optathlon duo on Android and iOS (trick price ‘cos this one’s free…thanks United Airlines 🙂 )

– Ice Road Pinball on iPhone ($0.99)

But this ‘aint gonna last long – so let your fingers do the walking and get busy in the Ovi, Android and iTunes Store before we run out of monster ideas! Actually, I guarantee that will never happen! This company was built on marvellous monsters (Monster poolside Sumo, in fact) and 10 years later, that game’s still going strong – and so are we.

Here’s to the next app, next platform, Jesus’ next tweed suit and here’s hoping that your next app purchase will be a marvellous Matmi monster (pinball on Nokia).



June 2011