Matmi’s Showreel for Creative England

Here at Matmi, we are recognised for our great games, award winning campaigns and our use of cutting edge technology… but what you might not know, is that we also pride ourselves in traditional design disciplines.



We produce videos, 3D models, banners, branding and a whole range of digital design work for both brands and agencies – no task is too large or too small!



Most recently,  we worked on a new showreel for Creative England, take a look here :





Our very own Jeff sits on Creative England’s Board of Directors, the agency invests in and supports creative ideas, talent and businesses in film, TV, games and digital media – so its something that we are very proud to be a part of!



This year we were commisioned to produce a 5 minute showreel to help raise awareness of the immense studio and film spaces/locations available outside London – the idea was to encourage overseas film makers to visit England, and also to showcase what’s on the doorstep for our homegrown talent.



On the surface, a video showing film locations including empty warehouses and industrial units could have looked pretty dull; so we injected some Matmi magic to this piece in order to draw viewers in and get the best out of the spaces. We wanted to provide a real feeling for the vast size of the spaces available, and bring these empty, grey places to life with a combination of real film footage, and some dynamic 3D modelling. 


Our design team used Cinema 4D and After Effects to create an inspiring and exciting view of all 5 immense studios, showing the viewer the locations from from the ground up, and offering an idea of how the space could be used.



The showreel also highlights the range of transport options available to production crews, using a boldly stylistic view of the UK which shifts and alters to show each transport feature.


Keeping in theme, we asked a local composer and musician, James Bright to produce the soundtrack for this showreel – we hope you like it!