Matmi’s Big Mouth: Is RFID Good or Bad?

For the first episode in the Matmi’s Big Mouth series our CEO Jeff is all about RFID (radio-frequency identification).


The thing that makes RFID so unique and so useful is that it requires no power to function. The chip absorbs radio waves and uses the signals from the reader to power itself. This means they are extremely low cost to make as there is no battery and they never run out of power. The simplicity of just putting the chip next to the reader is a huge pro with RFID, but this also raises big concerns for privacy as it is super easy to steal personal information, or even keep tabs on people.


All of this has got us talking, and thinking about how Matmi can use this amazing technology for the greater good. So grab a cuppa and let Jeff chew your ear off for a bit!


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February 2014