Matmi named in recently released Unity Games List

Matmi has a long history of breaking new ground in the digital world. Constantly looking for the next big thing. Looking outside the box as it were, developing creative and innovative ways for brands to engage and increase their consumer base.

One of these new development strategies was to use the then newly released Unity3D engine. Matmi were one of the first (if not the first) digital agency to use this fantastic development tool to publish games on the iPad. We were also the first to create a suite of branded games developed in Unity3D which was available on the Android platform. It was called Optathlon; 1 App, 2 games, for free!

Recently, Unity3D released a list of games available for Android made using their engine and Optathlon is the first on the list (if I havn’t already said so, thanks for that!). Matmi is proud to be associated with such a great development tool and continue to use and push the Unity3D engine to its limits.

One of our more recent games made using Unity3D was Petanque3D. This was our first game to be developed in Unity3D that utilised a multi-player option. It was in the development process of this game in which we discovered a minor issue with Unity3D’s proxy server for which we had to create a work around for.

I mention this not to shine any negativity on the Unity engine, which we love, but to merely demonstrate an example of Matmi pushing the boundries of what is possible.

We are extremely grateful for the support the Unity guys gave us at the time. For the past year, we have been working on some really exciting projects using Unity3D which will be released soon.

To see a current list of games made using Unity3D and published on the Android, click here.

March 2011