New Matmi Magic on the iPhone / iPod Touch

“Magic across media” is our motto so we’re very excited about our first Matmi-branded app on the iPhone, an amazing action-packed game called “Monster Pinball”. It’s nothing short of a pinball extravaganza, taking the core principles of pinball to a totally new level!

Six linked tables (never done before), multiple flippers, rebounds, stallballs, boosts, bonus, freeballs and tilt all appear, taking full advantage of the iPhone’s – and iPod Touch’s – power. Though I say it myself, the graphics are beautiful and there are some wonderfully crazy sound effects. It’s really smooth to play as well (60 frames per second for those of you who are interested) and there are local and online scoreboards for you to show off on.

“Monster Pinball” is a 100% original iPhone/iPod app and a long overdue breath of fresh, helium-filled air for the pinball world! It has just been submitted to the App store and will be avilable as soon as Apple authorise it. We’ve got more in production – it’s a great to add another platform into the magical Matmi mix.


  •  6 fun-packed tables interconnected, with varied & unique goals
  •  60fps giving extra smooth gameplay
  •  Realistic Physics engine developed for this game
  •  Accelerometer tilt function
  •  Hotball feature – Score double points when active
  • ? Stunning graphics and animations
  •  Unique sound effects in stereo
  •  Pause, Save and Resume
  •  Local and Online scoreboards
  •  Created specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch
  •  Created by the wonderful minds of Matmi

Enjoy, Jeff.