Matmi launches new divisions

We’ve been making interactive games and products for over 19 years. On many occasions we have dipped our toes into the educational field, producing games, quizzes and apps. We created DiaryZapp which won the best children’s app at the UK app awards last year. As you probably know we’ve been passionate about making games for good for many years and some of our favourite projects have been for the likes of Comic Relief, Cancer Research and the Fire Services.

After much deliberation, we decided to split our offerings into three major categories focused on Leisure, Education and Digital Transformation. It is our desire to focus on creating content that is good for people. We want to make a positive impact and use games for good!

We was planning on launching Matmi Educate in a couple of months but the demand created by recent events has given us the impetus to bring that forward. We feel that keeping kids educated, entertained and happy during this difficult time is the most important way that we can contribute.

Matmi Educate designs and produces solutions to help educate, engage and entertain kids and adults alike. We have recently created educational games for the Fire Service and are in the process of releasing our groundbreaking app, Lucia’s World which is designed to educate, entertain and amaze children.