Matmi Educate were recently approached by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service.

In the past, we had the pleasure of working closely with several of the countries leading Fire Services to create a game called Sparkton. As technology has advanced Sparkton has now, unfortunately, become outdated and as such we decided it was time for a change utilising this advancement in technology.

We knew from our experience the games needed to achieve the key objectives:

Easy to pick up and play, using intuitive and familiar controls. Suited to players of all ages and experience levels. Follow a simplified look and feel to keep the message light and entertaining, whilst drawing attention to the key fire safety messages. Work cross platform.

The main mechanics and variations we created are:

Quiz – True and False, Multiple choice, Multiple answers. Drag and Drop – Re-order, Tag. Hidden Object Story Mode

We combined the videos the fire service had already produced with a number of mini-games and some new animations and audio. We aimed to create an immersive experience that follows an almost identical path to the assemblies/classroom workshops but using videos and mini-games.

Our objective was not to replace the time the children spend with the Fire service in the classroom and assemblies, but to allow the children to develop their learning after the fire service has left, as well as during the years the fire service has no contact with the children (Years 2,3,4 and 6)

We focused on Key Stages 1 and 2. Key Stage one follows a simpler and friendlier approach just as the assembly that’s delivered to the children. In KS1 children can learn about:

● What firefighters do
●The kit firefighters wear
● What can cause a fire to start?
● Fire escape plans and many other things…

Key Stage 2 is much more serious and focused on re-affirming the old and delivering new key messages around fire safety. In KS2 children can learn about:

● Spotting hazards do
●Fire action plans
● hoax calls

If you would like to discuss a bespoke interactive solution or find out more please get in touch.

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