Matmi and the Master Maze Maker

As you know Matmi are a technology based experience company. We like to enhance the real world with digital. This is probably why we are the agency that some of the world leading leisure attractions comes to when they want to deliver new ways for them to engage with their audience. So after working for Alton Towers, Heidi Park, Chessington World of Adventures and our recent projects with the Escape Rooms we are pleased to announce that we are working with Adrian Fisher.


Adrian is a legend in the leisure industry and his acclaim is that he is the Worlds Master Maze Maker. Adrian has created over 700 mazes in 35 countries.

Adrian has created 48 mirror mazes, and pioneered the extensive use of thematic chambers within mirror mazes, to achieve Mirror Maze Adventures. He has created 44 hedge mazes, and pioneered the use of Folly Towers, Tunnels, Walk-through Parting Waterfalls and Foaming Fountain Gates in mazes. He designed the world’s first cornfield maize maze in 1993 and over 400 since.


Adrian has set 7 Guinness World Records. He has created water mazes, most notably the award-winning Beatles Maze, and the Jersey Water Maze. He pioneered the genre of Path-in-Grass Mazes, and has created over a dozen around the world.

We are working in partnership to produce a new type of attraction for the leisure industry that combines his expertise in the physical world and our vast experience in the digital world. We will combine our knowledge of RFID solutions, gamification, alternative realities and location based technology.


Working with such a legend is a privilege and we look forward to producing something that had never been seen before and should revolutionise the leisure industry by creating great experiences that engage users in a new and novel way.


We will let you know the full details when we can.

June 2017