Make A Save for Asda!

The lovely people at Asda have come back for more Matmi magic as well – and we’re delighted to be working with them again!

From the green messages of the recycling game “Landfill Bill” in 2008, we’re on the green pitches of the World Cup helping Asda customers to “Make A Save”! What else?! Whether it’s in the net or in your basket, you win either way.

Make a Save

“Make A Save” has had the Facebook Connect treatment so you can post scores to your Wall and challenge your friends to play – which ups its viral potential significantly, of course. You get to be the goalie in the game, facing five football strikers, each intent on landing their shot in the net. Save at least three of the five shots over seven increasingly challenging levels to score points for each save and add valuable multipliers for consecutive saves.

Unfortunately, Jesus (one of our game gurus, not himself) thought this was too easy, so randomly, the football will transform into a more tricky flying object – super-fast cuddly toy, a wayward beach ball or a nastily curving turnip (Jesus watches a lot of Terry Pratchett… ).

Make a save and your player does Asda’s “pocket tapping” move in celebration and you could pick up some cool offers from Asda which they’ll be updating over the summer.

Great to be working with you again, Asda, and at least we know this game will go the distance! Good luck to England – in fact, good luck to everyone from Matmi. People in every country in the world play our games – even Vatican City. Buona fortuna, monsignor…

Let’s hope Rob Green can make a save..

June 2010