Lily’s Most Performed Song

Far be it from me to blow Matmi’s own trumpet (!!), but when I saw Lily Allen pick up an Ivor Novello award for “Most Performed Song” last night, I though “You betcha!!”.

I don’t know how they work out the stats for something like that. What I do know is that in terms of direct impact, the advergame we wrote to promote the single, “The Fear”, has been one of our most successful ever. It includes a free play of the most performed song and accounts for over 37 years worth of airtime.

37 years of airtime. And counting….. . For less than the cost of a half page ad in the Times.

If there was an advertising industry award for “Most Return on Investment” I think we’d put the entire industry in the shade. We’ve moved the goal posts. Some big brands and some savvy digital marketers already know that, but they’re in the minority. Come and join us. Branded entertainment is the new black.

You know who to call. Enjoy, Jeff.

Msy 2010