Lily Allen Game

We are extremely pleased to annouce that the Lily Allen online game “Escape the Fear” which we produced and started seeding on December 19th has just past the 2 million plays mark helping her single and album to go straight to the top of the UK charts. The game was produced as the viral element of the campaign focussed on the launch of Lily’s new single “The Fear” and her new album “It’s not me, it’s you”.


Lily Allen’s single “The Fear” shot straight to the top of the UK Singles Chart and retains the No.1 spot for the third week running whilst her Album released on February 9th also went straight in at number one. In the US the Album went straight into the Billboard chart at Number five. The single and album also top the iTunes Store charts in numerous countries worldwide, notably the US.


She has, in fact made it a QUINTUPLE and not only topped the UK Singles, Album and Airplay charts but she’s also the Single & Album download and subscription Number One too.


This makes Lily the very first UK act to achieve!


The runaway success of the integrated campaign masterminded by Parlophone and Matmi is no accident, according to Dan Duncombe, Director of Digital at Parlophone: “The game was designed to help us reach a new audience for Lily – people who are not listening to the radio, reading the music press or generally exposed to new music, but are part of our target audience. The game is based on the lyrics of “The Fear” and the single is the game’s soundtrack. With an average dwell time of nearly five minutes the vast majority of players are listening to the track more than once.


“This game is the promo video of the digital age,” Dan continued. “It delivers engagement, interaction, loyalty and sales opportunities on a new level for our artists. The game has delivered tens of thousands of click-thrus, pre-orders and downloads, and even features on the album CD itself. The results speak for themselves – we’re absolutely delighted with this launch,” Dan concludes.


I could not have put that better myself…


In fact the game has been so succesful, Parlophone have even included a link to the game as bonus content on the physical Album.


Here’s to our next “promo video for the digital age”





19th February 2009

During 2008 we started looking at how we could help the Music Industry and it’s Artistes increase their listener base and introduce them to a whole new audience. Having personally spent 12 years working in the Music Industry, I found this challenge really exciting.



We produced a game and website for Mr Ray on Universal Music in September and within the first ten days the game “Mr Ray and the Missing Colours” had over 400,000 plays, driving over 120,000 unique users to his website.



Following this success, we designed and produced a game for Parlophone to help promote Lily Allen’s new single “the Fear” and her album “It’s not me, it’s you”. Using various cues from the album, we designed a platform game that allows the player to choose their Lily before pitting their skills against various enemies including Rabid Handbag Dogs, Credit Card Throwing Bankers, Paparazzi, Spikes and the Big Fear monster.


The game is a race against time as the fear slowly creeps up on you and played over ten different levels, the game is a real challenge.



Players can listen to Lily’s new single whilst playing the game and also find links to her new video, website and myspace site. There are also direct Album to buy links to the USA, UK , France and Japan markets.


We started seeding the game on December 19th and within 20 days we had achieved over 1,000,000 plays, claiming the coveted Christmas number one spot in the even outperforming the crop of Christmas games.



The game has currently been played 1.4 million times and with the single being released on January 26th, we are excited to see if our efforts have been worth it with a strong single chart entry this Sunday. 



Regards Baz Barrow 



29th February 2009