Let the donations flow

I’m not going to crow about this, but I said in the last newsletter that if you do something good, something good will happen to you. And I was right – thanks to you and your support.

D’you remember the viral game we produced for this year’s Red Nose Day for Comic Relief?

“Let It Flow” went to No.1 in just five days, ready for Red Nose Day itself (www.viralchart.com) and stayed in the top spot worldwide for the next 2½ weeks.

It was played in 149 countries worldwide (including the Vatican City…. Mmm) and we’re almost at 4 million plays in as many weeks.

And it’s created a 20% click thru to the Comic Relief website. Amazing! If you have any doubts about the reach, speed and power of viral marketing, we suggest you think again!

Sadly, we didn’t win Comic Relief’s Digital Challenge to “spread the most red online” (which was also amazing considering that we outplayed the winner three times over in our first week…. ). And we’re still in the top five worldwide (they’re only in the top ten).

But we’re not bitter…. . We made a lot of new friends and had a lot of admiring feedback from the digital community. And the lovely people at Comic Relief were delighted: “Many thanks to Matmi for making a massive contribution to Red Nose Day this year!” said Sara Davies, their New Media Officer. (Sara left the week after – I hope it wasn’t because she backed the wrong horse).

Thank you all for your support – we got a couple of name checks in New Media Age magazine (type “Matmi” into the search field at www.nma.co.uk) and a write-up on the Manchester Digital website. And we got an automatic entry into the New Media Age Effectiveness awards which are announced on 27th May, so watch this space. Unfortunately, Comic Relief couldn’t tell us what donations “Let It Flow” was directly responsible for, but we hope it was at least a six figure sum.

So do something good today. It’ll be worth it.

(Does that sound like Jamie Oliver or the L’Oreal adverts? Or both?!).

I’m off! Kind regards


April 2007