Matmi takes John Prescott to Hollywood

This is no April fool. I’m dead serious.

In 2004, Matmi produced an online game called “Dustbingate” after the riotous book by Ian Newton. It’s been played over 23 million times and downloaded to over 30,000 websites worldwide – and Ian is now in the process of signing a deal for his book to be made into a Hollywood film.

I kid you not. Ian and I have been speaking over the last few weeks and his own words were: “There’s no way Dustbingate would have gone to Hollywood without Matmi’s Dustbingate game.” How bloody amazing is that?!

Dustbingate game

The Observer dubbed the Dustbingate story “the Full Monty of politics” as it follows the fortunes of five Hull factory workers who decide to investigate John Prescott and the local Labour group in a bid to make some quick cash. That’s enough storyline for a best selling book, but the beauty of Dustbingate is that its real life has continued too. It really winds John Prescott up, is loved by the media (can’t think why) and government workers were even banned from playing the game in works time.

Ian – I’m chuffed to bits for you and very well done. Good luck with your trip to LA this week and let us know how you get on.

Best, Jeff

PS. Bizarrely enough, Dustbingate was a re-skin of another game. And we re-skinned Dustbingate to help save one of our local watering holes in 2007. There must be a bit of Matmi magic in that code. Wonder if five lads from Matmi will go to Hollywood or maybe the UN? Stranger things have happened… .

1st April 2008