Jnr Chef

The Brief

Local chef, Pete Simmons, approached Matmi to create an online cookery platform for children aged 9-14 years old. Pete realised the early exposure to cooking empowers children to take control of their own nutrition, leading to a lifetime of healthier eating habits.

Our Solution

We created an online web app that allows a child to select a recipe from a meat/fish or plant-based option. A food box is then sent directly to the door with all the ingredients needed to prepare that particular fresh meal. 


To get started, the child simply scans the QR code inside the box who is then taken to the web app – here they will find a fun and interactive cooking lessons. With the help of chef Pete, children cook dinner for the whole household. As they continue their learning journey, they earn experience points, unlocking fun characters and content along the way.


The interactive cookery videos offer a fun and educational cooking experience for children. With a wide range of recipes and kitchen skills to learn, the child will earn experience points to level up as they master each lesson. Each video is broken up into easy to follow chapters so they can take it at their own pace.


Overall, the Jnr Chef subscription combines the convenience of a monthly delivery service with engaging and educational features that encourage children to explore the world of cooking. By providing age-appropriate recipes, clear instructions, educational content, and a supportive community, the subscription aims to inspire a lifelong love for cooking in young chefs.