Jeff hits the speaker circuit

To say that our Chief Matmian has the gift of the gab is an understatement, so where better for us to put him to good use than the odd speaker engagement?


That was our plan, but it’s also proved to be an underestimation because our very own Jeff Coghlan, CEO at Matmi, seems to be getting a reputation for himself as being knowledgeable and controversial on all matters of digital marketing.


His likeness to a chubby Johnny Depp means that he’s pretty memorable to look at too – but whether that will still be the case when he returns to work with a newly reset nose, we have yet to find out. Watch this space – and let’s hope it didn’t go horribly wrong!


So where can you see our leader in action?


• The new “Games for Brands” conference series, starting in London on 27th October.

• The “Your Business, Your Future” seminar in Manchester on 1st November pitching best business practice to other entrepreneurs.

• TEDx Liverpool on 7th November – in Liverpool surprisingly – part of the prestigious TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) global conference series.

• MoMoMcr on 14th November, the Mobile Monday Manchester forum of the global Mobile Monday network, exploring the subject of “Freepremium vs. Premium”.

• Integrate 2011 with How Do magazine on 7th December talking viral and advergaming to advertisers and digital marketers.


It’s simultaneously pleasing and humbling to be involved with events like this, especially when they’re part of a series and TED? Well, it’s legendary. Known for “Ideas worth spreading”, its speakers of the last 21 years include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell (of Tipping Point fame), many Nobel prizes winners, politicians and visionaries of all denominations.


Speakers are tasked to make their presentation in the most innovative and appealing way inside 18 minutes, and with over 750 events scheduled in 60+ countries, the global TED network has become a library of all things inspiring, innovative and futuristic.


Over to you, Jeff. No pressure. Penny.

October 2011