Iron Maiden’s awesome return

Lots of things change at Matmi, but happily lots of things stay the same too.

Like clients coming back for more – which we’re humbled by (and very proud of). Like space travel – Iron Maiden’s new album “The Final Frontier” is set in deep space and Matmi was born in the Space Odyssey year of 2001. And like taking a giant leap from one world to another in the space of a week (from the Gorillaz virtual world to infinity and beyond!).

We love it – and it’s been a delight to work with Iron Maiden again.

Think about it; it’s a game developer’s dream. The global brand of EMI Music, the raw power and reach of one of the planet’s biggest brands, Maiden’s iconic artwork and an intergalactic setting. We’re still drooling…. .

But before we get too carried away, let’s remember why we’re doing this. Last year’s game points the way; it was launched to promote Maiden’s docu-film DVD of the awesome “Somewhere Back in Time” tour that spanned all 5 continents (Bruce Dickinson on the flight deck, of course). It’s been played over 4.5 million times and delivered over 54 years worth of brand exposure…. and counting. That sounds pretty awesome too – and that’s one of the reasons our clients keep coming back for more Matmi magic.

There’s definitely magic afoot with “The Final Frontier” game. Since it went up on the Iron Maiden website 24 hours ago it’s had over 50,000 plays – and we’ve only just sent out the press release! This is looking good for a great run and it proves my point. Give people something they like at their convenience and you’ll get a much more positive and long-lasting reaction than some unwanted advert that interrupts. You know I’m right (we’re just waiting for the rest of the industry to catch up 🙂 ).

But let’s not get too serious! We’ve had enormous fun bringing this polished game to life for Iron Maiden – and we hope you do too so off you go! Maiden can’t play the loudest gig in the Universe unless you rescue all their kit from the Space Pirates who attacked the band’s Ed Force One cargo ship. There’s no time to lose!

Enjoy, Jeff.

August 2010