Introducing Jeff Coghlan

Jeff Coghlan is the creative force and digital visionary behind award-winning branded entertainment specialists, Matmi (

From a childhood fascination with ‘computers’ and subsequent qualifications as a systems analyst, Jeff’s fate in digital marketing was finally sealed with the arrival of the Internet.

“I couldn’t understand why people were putting such boring text-based websites together when, to me, the Internet was an infinite number of TV-like channels operating 24/7 all around the world. I decided to fight the boredom and released an online game to promote Matmi’s first website. That’s when everything changed,” Jeff explains.

Indeed it did – for company, creator and the rest of the planet. Before viral marketing had a name, “Monster Poolside Sumo” had quickly gone global, racking up millions of plays (and it’s still out there….). Jeff realised that engaging consumers with discreetly branded online games was highly influential – and much more powerful than traditional online advertising.

Success breeds success

Since 2001, Matmi has gone on to prove it theory time and again with brands including United Airlines, EMI Music (Gorillaz, Iron Maiden), Philips, J Nicholls (Vimto), ASDA, ITV and Parlophone (Lily Allen). Campaigns have attracted decades worth of brand exposure worldwide – and Matmi has the stats to prove it.

• Vimto Soft Drinks: 32 years’ worth.

• Cancer Research: 50 years’ worth.

• Iron Maiden: 62 years’ worth.

• Philips Sonicare: an astounding 163 years’ worth of online airtime – and the demographic for this campaign is 5 – 8 year old children learning how to brush their teeth!

As a digital strategist, Jeff’s opinions – not always popular or mainstream – are sought by clients, major advertising agencies and happily, his peers too. Speaker engagements include The Develop Conference (2009, 2010), Elmwood’s Digital Picnic (2008), Brandhouse Digital Sparks (2010) and most recently a roundtable with (the branded entertainment specialist site) on “Why Brands Play Games”.

Find both company and creator online at and its blog, and on twitter (@Matmi).

February 2011