Inaugural MoMoMcr gets a flash of Matmi

What?! Has Matmi been exposing itself again?

The answer is “Yes” but in a good way. The lovely people at International Mobile Monday asked Matmi to get involved in their inaugural event in Manchester (get the acronym now?), and given that the debate was “Mobile web vs. mobile apps” we felt we could make an insightful contribution.

I took a place on the panel in front of 100+ of Manchester’s finest mobile minds last night, alongside 2Ergo, Apadmi, Capsule CRM, Code Computerlove, Magnetic North and the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC).

Horses for courses

It was a lively meeting with plenty of input for web and apps – but can you really pit one against the other? Given converging technology and putting consumers first, the debate decided not. Irrespective of the conduit, it’s about giving customers what they want, where they want it, when they want it – and that means selecting the right horse for the course.

With Tim Haysom from WAC sporting an unmissable “HTML5″ T-shirt, we also got into the depths of languages and geeky stuff – but that probably helped some of the less technical in the audience understand more about the cost, platform and platform migration implications when selecting a development language.

As a lover of Flash, what d’you think about me turning up to the next event on 12th September sporting a “Flash Forever!” T-shirt? Maybe not – I’d probably get arrested before I arrived – but that could be interesting in itself.

Thank you!

Big thanks to the guys at Apadmi for organising the event – and I hope to get along to the next one. MoMoLo (the London version) has been running for a couple of years now and the initiative kicked off in 2000 in Finland originally.

We’re really pleased to be involved – and it’s good to see you’ve found your way back to the birthplace of computing 🙂 (joke). You’re very welcome in the north.

Let me know about that T-shirt…… . Enjoy, Jeff.

July 2011