In tense Gorillaz suspense

Or is that ‘intense’ Gorillaz suspense? I suspect both because the iPhone/iPad version of the “Escape to Plastic Beach” game for the world’s biggest virtual band, Gorillaz, went live in the App Store 48 hours ago – and I feel like a proud new parent waiting for friends and family to say “Aaaah, what a beautiful baby.”

The suspense here is unbearable!

Especially for Woody who’s spent several months of his life (awake and asleep…) designing chapter 3 of the original online game for the accelerometer functionality of Apple’s made-for-gaming platforms. “Escape to Plastic Beach” is one of the first game apps out on the iPad and big thanks to the guys at Apple for this impressive platform preview. We’ll be back – soon, I hope.

Sorry, what? Woody’s run away screaming? He’ll be back when we get some reviews in.

Yes – on that very note – please, please, please let us know what you think by dropping a comment here, or even better, posting a review in the App Store. I promise you there’s more than £1.19/$1.99′s worth of game action in this release from three top talents – Gorillaz, EMI and Matmi. (That’s not meant to sound arrogant, but we really are very good at this stuff; the online version’s already passed its first million plays…. ).

Bottom-of-my-heart thanks to everyone involved in ETPB. It’s been a tough journey at times with some steep learning curves and impossible deadlines – but we’re delighted with the results. I can hardly believe it’s just over a year since we released our very first iPhone game, “Monster Pinball”, and here we are on the iPad with Gorillaz!

Please do let us know what you think – here or in the App Store. Meanwhile, as all new parents should, we’re escaping to the pub to wet the baby’s head. Enjoy, Jeff.

July 2010