I’m A Celebrity

“I’m A Celebrity” fans can get closer to their favourite jungle action than ever before with our free new online game for ITV Digital.  The lovely people there were so chuffed with what we did for “The Colour of Money” earlier this year (quarter of a million players mostly logging on to play on a Saturday night alongside the show) that they asked for more Matmi magic in the jungle.

Running alongside the 9th series of “I’m A Celeb”, players can test their mettle (and stomachs!) in our four jungle challenges against the clock:

  • Whip up delightful (or is that disgusting?) dishes in the Jungle Kitchen using eyes, grubs, insects and other ‘local’ ingredients ingredients.
  • Outwit the crocs, snakes and piranhas to cross Crocodile Creek unscathed.
  • Hold your nerve in the Terror Tank – get a question wrong and get a load of bugs for company!
  • Race the seriously scuttling (and rather large) spiders to the top of the tree in King of the Swingers.
What are you waiting for?  Grab your parachute and drop right in!

November 2009