How Do you do?

Pretty darned well, thank you! Matmi carried off a gong for Best Commercial App & Game at last night’s How Do Awards event at Old Trafford Cricket ground.


It was mentioned by the judges and funnily enough, we’d only been talking about it in the office. How is it that a specialist agency in a small market town in Cheshire is working with the likes of United Airlines (the Optathlon campaign we created for them with our US partner, BD’M, won last night’s award), MAC Cosmetics, Gorillaz and other global brands – soon to add a well-known skin care label (watch this space)?


Answer: the word world in www.


10 years ago, our first release went global because people liked it and passed it on, so Matmi’s always considered the world to be its stage. Sure, we can get to continents and even discreet countries – we can even create digital marketing materials that self-select the client’s desired demographic.


Could you put your hand on your heart and say you knew that? Don’t worry – not many people do. But now you know who to call, just like United Airlines’ agency BD’M, the guys at EMI Music, Comic Relief (another ‘watch this space’… ) and more.


It was a sweet moment to win on home turf last night in North West England though, because we’re a grassroots kind of outfit. We didn’t make Matmi successful; you did and we won’t forget it.


Another thing I won’t forget is being the most under-dressed guest at the awards ceremony last night. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but if there was a ‘Scruffy’ category, I’d have won by a mile. And don’t ask me what’s going on in this pic – it’s a corker! (Me – left, Mark from Peach – the category sponsor, and Stewart, right).


Big thanks to Nick, Ben, Dunstan, Rachel and all the team at How Do for our 1st How Do win last night – and thank you for all your support over the years. You’re a grassroots organisation too – which is probably why we get on 🙂 .


Great event and we’re delighted with our award. Enjoy (the Bank Hol), Jeff


May 2011