Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow Deluxe is out on the iPhone

Matmi and Netlog bring Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow to the iPhone. The game has now been approved.

The festive flash favourite Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow has been re-imagined as an iPhone app!

After a few too many Christmas sherries, Santa needs to make a pit stop on his way home back to the North Pole and seeing that someone has left a load of fairy lights just lying around, decides to play a little game of connect-the-dots as he attends to the call of nature. Little does Santa realise though, is that his old rival Jack Frost has sent his evil zombie snowman minions to freeze Santa solid and all he has to defend himself is a full bladder and a steady aim.

The online version of Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow was unleashed on the world in December 2007, topped the viral charts and won the DADI award for Best In-House Website or Campaign. Since then it’s racked up millions and millions of plays as people all over the world turn the snow yellow.

This new version, developed in association with Netlog, Europe’s largest online community, takes all the quirky fun of the web original and adds stunning new graphics, more in-depth gameplay with tons of new levels and new styles of play, like the gripping ‘Survivor’ mode and the tranquil ‘Zen’ mode.

About Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow (deluxe)/ iPod

* Amazing new 3D Graphics.

* Accelerometer and touch controls created just for the iPhone.

* All new game modes; fight the snowman hordes in ‘Survivor’ or pee free in ‘Zen’.

* Three difficulty levels. Are you brave enough to try the punishing Expert level? (or whatever it’s called).

* Based on an award-winning flash game.

* Created by the wonderful minds at Matmi.

November 2009