The Brief

Matmi was approached by Emi and Gorillaz to create an advergame with the following objectives:


  • Enhance the cyber reputation of the world’s 1st virtual band Gorillaz by pushing digital boundaries, showcasing their unique virtual attributes and digital prowess.
  • Promote the 2010 album “Plastic Beach” by immersing fans (existing and new) in an experience of the album, its concepts, graphics & soundtracks
  • Reach new fans by appealing to game players
  • Introduce new revenue streams for EMI Music with paid-for apps 

Our Solution

We created a digital experience of the Gorillaz album to transport fans and gamers into the band’s digital world. Players assume the role of Murdoc (Jamie Hewlett) as he harries the band to their hideaway at Plastic Beach. 

Matmi produced 2 free-to-play online games and the band’s website tempted players to purchase a 3rd as a 3D online game or mobile app, promoted with free downloads, Twitter, social networks, gaming sites etc. The 3 game suite was loaded free on the Experience edition of the album. Each piece of material was linked to another so that fans/players/listeners/viewers could choose their preferred route to experience the album as they wished.