Go for Gold

The Brief

Marketing agency MDSG asked Matmi to design a trade game to help their client Tourism and Events Queensland promote their state. The game needed to be educational and engaging in order to inspire travel agents to sell Queensland as a tourist destination.


Tourism and Events Queensland wanted their game to incorporate the Commonwealth Games which were hosted on Australia’s Gold Cost. The game also needed a function that allowed score to the tracked – players are incentivised to become the highest scoring player, in order to win prizes.

Our Solution

We created a series of triathlon inspired, browser based mini games, featuring the Kangaroo mascot. The HTML5 games are playable across mobile, tablet and desktop to give the agents more opportunities to play and win the top prize.


For the educational element of the game we integrated a quiz that is designed to test the knowledge of the travel agent. The quiz is a series of multiple choice questions with extra points available to score, helping the player move their way up the leaderboard. The highest scoring player if each week can win a Queensland goodie bag and a familiarisation trip to Queensland.