Gamification within TV and the Media

Gamification or game dynamics is being more and more widely used as a viable marketing tool, which encourages customer engagement, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Gamification has expanded into the world of television and news media, with all kinds of media outlets such as TV shows and newspapers using it to track, engage with and ultimately retain their audiences.


Below are 4 examples of the successful use of Gamification within TV and the Media:


1.    The Bank Job – The new popular channel 4 show gives viewers the opportunity to play along live on their website whilst the show is on television. This no doubt enhances their viewing experience through participation and it also encourages viewer loyalty as audiences are encouraged to come back to the site again and again, to keep playing and those with the highest score earn the reward of the chance of appearing on the show. The addition of the game dynamics to the website makes the process of applying to appear on the show much more exciting than it would be filling in the standard application form. The site has been incredibly successful with  over 2 million game plays in its first month, and one keen viewer racked up 500 plays in one week!


2.    Daily Mail Reward Scheme – As part of these scheme Daily Mail readers are encouraged to purchase the Daily Mail on Saturday and Sunday every weekend. In the newspapers readers will be able to obtain a special code, which they can go online to the Daily Mail website and redeem for points.  These points can be collected each week and when a certain number of points is reached readers can then redeem these points for rewards including high street vouchers, cinema tickets and DVDs. There is no denying that this scheme enhances reader loyalty as readers are actively encouraged to purchase the paper week on week , and in addition to this by going online to redeem the points the number of hits on the Daily Mail website is also increased.


3.   Total Wipeout – Similar to The Bank Job , BBC show Total Wipeout’s website encourages  viewers to play an online version of the assault course on the TV  show in order to apply  to take part in the show. The viewers that complete the online course in the shortest time are then invited to the further stages of application process.  Once again the using gamifcation  as part of the application process enhances the experience and encourages loyalty from viewers who wish to take part in the show as they put their heart and souls into trying to get the fastest time!


4.       The Million Pound Drop – Another example of Gamifcation being put to good use is that of the Million Pound Drop. The show invites viewers to play along with the live show, answering the same questions that the contestants on the show are therefore engaging viewers more and enhancing their viewing experience. In addition to this the most successful viewers that play along online are offered the chance to be a contestant on the following weeks show. This creates loyalty for both the show and the website as viewers continue to play along every week in order to try and gain the highest score.


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June 2012