From monsters to make-up in style

Matmi is no stranger to pinball games, so taking this stereotypically male game and making it over for a female audience has been a challenge we’ve really enjoyed. With our latest iteration of the genre, Cute Pinball, we have gone from monsters to make-up with global make-up brand, MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Cosmetics teamed up with Matmi based on our track record in branded entertainment as well as our multi-award-winning mobile app, Monster Pinball. They caught the pinball bug and asked for a Japanese styled game with characters and icons, taken from their new “Quite Cute” range of make-up aimed at the teens/early twenties age group.

Cute Pinball is a pinball game like you have never seen before. It’s full of kooky characters and crazy sound effects with more shades of pink than there are in lipstick (and that’s not us being stereotypicaly about females and pink!) You’ll find dripping lips, melting lollipops, sparkling diamonds, pirate bunnies, fried eggs and bouncing balloons with TWO extra pinball tables to reach from the main board. You certainly won’t be lost for bonuses to hit (my personal favourite is the dancing chicken drumsticks 😉 ) but be warned, we have heard that it can be dangerously distracting from work.

Talking of work – Cute Pinball is definitely appealing to the intended audience. Our stats show a 96% player profile of females aged 18 – 24. Oh yes! The masters of gaming at Matmi do it again! The game is already starting to gain some recognition in the gaming press too, the well respected site Kotaku featured it on their front page, a mere 2 days after it was launched.

So far, we have covered teeth (in Brilliant Brushers) and now make-up. Who knows? Maybe in the not-too-distant future we will further our personal presentation and create a full-body Matmi make-over. Mmmm – Jeff with sparkling pearly whites, pink lipstick and a six pack. More likely to be a six pack of beers, but watch this space anyway…

Play Cute Pinball

…must dash, need just one more go, have to reach number one spot on the score board!

April 2011