From dental health to ironing boards

We think Philips is convinced of the power of viral games – with the stunning success of “Brilliant Brushers” (2009) and this year’s sequel “Cosmic Clean”, the Sonicare brand of toothbrushes has netted 18 million plus plays, making it one of Matmi’s most successful client releases.


Transferring the same treatment to home appliances made perfect sense to us and Philip’s advertising agency, WDMP, so the dynamic agency duo return to revolutionise the market in steam irons. Any why ever not?!


Aimed at 25 – 55 female audience, Philip’s PerfectCare iron range is designed to make one of life’s more tedious jobs hassle-free. A single setting will take care of every type of garment because instead of using the heat of the sole plate, it’s the volume of steam from the iron that does all the hard work.


Basing our concept on ironing that’s now hassle-free, we created the ”Iron Out” game for players to steam their way through life’s niggles. In the 3 level racing game, players negotiate their PerfectCare iron around hazards such as traffic wardens, trainers and teddies (the ones on the floor that you trip over….), jumping over baskets of washing to steam them instantly into a tidy pile of ironing, and collecting power-ups en route. The 1950’s style rather jolly music completes the scene of domestic harmony.


At the end of the game, players can post scores and enter to win a £1000 spa break – and a PerfectCare iron, of course – showcased on the Philip’s PerfectCare microsite.


“Iron Out” is only just ironed out, so we’re watching carefully for initial indicators of performance. Why don’t you take a look for yourself and let us know what you think?


October 2011