Do you have a “Knead for Speed”?

I strongly recommend that the answer to that is “Yes!” because our latest branded entertainment release for Genesis Crafty, the wonderful 6 craft baker brothers from Northern Ireland, is a multi-tasking mayhem of floury fun!


Will you use your loaf or become a gluten for punishment? (Sorry – couldn’t resist – we’ve been baking puns by the pound here for a few weeks now!)


Take a look here and stretch your baking skills to the max in this epic bake-off. Quality is key – as at Genesis Crafty itself – so leaving the dough for too long, missing a step or forgetting to take cakes out of the oven makes sorry spoils that eats right into your scores. But baking the right number of cakes and breads perfectly in each level accumulates a well raised result!


Prizes for top scoring Bread Heads


You can post the scores you’re proud of to the global leaderboard – or challenge friends through Facebook and create your very own high score table. The game can be shared over twitter too, and the top scoring Bread Heads can even send a gift or redeem a voucher to buy Genesis Crafty’s gorgeous goods.


The cult brand from Northern Ireland is pretty social marketing savvy and we’re delighted to be able to add to their street cred with “Knead for Speed” – the company’s first branded entertainment release. It’s been an absolute pleasure to bring the six baking brothers and their brilliant baking brand to life in glorious digital – a veritable meeting of Genesis Crafty’s Bread Heads, our genius friends at Brandhouse and our very own Matmi magic.


Sultana scones, toaster wheatens or wee sodas anyone? It’s over to you and your “Knead for Speed”!


Enjoy, Jeff.


August 2011