Cancer Research take 2

A funny thing has happened in the last year at Matmi; every major brand we’ve worked with has come back for more. We like it; it makes us want to do an even better job next time around.


Cancer Research and the amazing work it does for sufferers of the disease and their supporters needs no introduction. Their Run 10K fund raising races in September and October are part of the nation’s calendar. This year, they’re running in 22 locations around the UK – and we’re helping to promote them again with a free-to-play, three level, online platform game with Facebook functionality.


Rooftop Raiser


Last year’s “Rooftop Runner” advergame got off to a fast start, achieving 2 million plays in its first month but its successor, “Rooftop Raiser”, has an immediate advantage. Players will be able to post their scores to the Wall of the Facebook pages, and notify their friends to challenge them to play. The viral anti just got upped – significantly – so we’ll be watching this one with interest.


Successfully engaging people with a brand is all about making an emotional connection with them. The emotional element for Cancer Research is obvious – which may explain the 36 years worth of airtime that 2009′s Rooftop Runner has already delivered.


We’re really proud of the value for money we can deliver –particularly for charities like Cancer Research. Shouldn’t you be taking a look at the advergame advantage for your own brand?


You know who to call.


June 2010