Bringing the Magic back

If you’ve known us a while, you might remember that we used to use ‘Magic across media’ as a playful little strapline for everything we did. For whatever reason, we allowed ourselves to be persuaded by corporate consultant types that we should drop it. And so we did. And actually, if we’re being honest, we allowed those same corporate consultant types to get us to rest in our comfort zone, monetising ideas we’d already had, rather than having new ones. 


Over the last year, we’ve refocussed on… well, bringing the magic back. We don’t want to be just another AR / VR / Creative marketing studio. There are plenty of highly competent ones out there already. And while we all need to make some money to pay the bills, we’re passionate about technology having a positive impact on people. So, we’ve decided to get back to what we like doing best. Having great ideas, taking risks, innovating, breaking boundaries (you get the idea) is what we were all about, and what we’re back at doing now.


You maybe have already seen our Foosball hack which was picked up by, featured in the MagPi (Raspberry Pi magazine) and was one of the most popular posts on Reddit.

We’ve also been beavering away with ARKit and ARCore pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Augmented Reality and whilst we were at it we’ve setup a Snapchat division that we believe makes us one of the only UK studios to produce bespoke AR lenses and games.

That said, we’ll still be producing some pretty Christmas games that’ll attract even more players than our past efforts.

We’ve got some really exciting projects that we’re working on now and with more planned for the future we’ve taken on some new staff members, including Derek, Lawrence and Joe. And with our new found enthusiasm, we thought it was time to re-introduce that strapline ‘magic across media’, because for all that the consultants didn’t like it, we do, and reckon it’s just about the most succinct description of what we’re all about!