Brilliantly Viral

We have been making advergames and virals for many years but sometimes the outrageous spread and success of particular projects even surprise us.


Take our recent game for Philips called Brilliant Brushes. The audience is kids (and their parents) in Europe.

This is kiddie power at it’s best.


Brilliant Brushes


Since “Brilliant Brushers” came out for Philips Sonicare in November 2009, it’s had a staggering 7.2 million plays and knocked our socks off! It’s not Grand Theft Auto by any stretch of the imagination – but those 4 – 10 year olds are definitely making their preferences known.


The game in question is an educational experience for under 10s and their parents to brighten up tooth brushing time – together. And that’s the secret of its success. It tugs on that emotional bond that parents want the best for their kids, and engages adult and child in a pleasurable brush with top dental hygiene for nearly 7 minutes a time.


7 million plays at 7 mins = 49 million minutes

49 million / 60 (mins in hour) = 816,666 hours

816,666 / 24 (hours in day)= 34,027 days

34,027 / 365 (days in year) = 93 years


7 minutes! That’s 93 years worth of educational airtime – and counting!!


Never mind the kids learning a lot from this game – we have too; don’t underestimate your audience. Give them something they like and they’ll do the rest quite naturally. Kids – you’re great teachers and we love it.


Creating emotional connections with the brand helps build customer loyalty and with 93 years worth of positive brand engagement it is clear to see why this is the future of advertising online.


June 2010