The toughest fones ever to grow legs and do battle… Battlefones!

Forget the TV adverts for another mobile phone recycling company, Envirofone is the biggest recycler of mobile phone handsets in the UK. Never mind the cash you can get for an old handset, the best thing for us is that you don’t have to add to the UK’s horrendous landfill problem or leave even more toxic battery waste lying around polluting our green and pleasant land.

In our research, we found that 75% of the UK population owns a mobile phone, but that figure shoots up to 96% in the 15-24 year old bracket. This group are the big handset swappers and its them and their parents who we’re targetting with Battlefones to raise awareness of the cash trade-in value – and the downside of sending handsets to landfill.

The game is only just out and with boxing, battling phone handsets, it can’t be anything but fun! Added to that, we’ve set each round in a typical British scene – down the pub, in an office, on a train and in the kebab shop (well, why not?!). The handsets box each other to win the round and players compete to increase the trade-in value of their battling handset to its max by customising it. Any damage inflicted by your opponent reduces your trade-in price.

The game displays the handset’s new trade-in value – getting the message across that the handset can earn cash. We like good causes and this is our second landfill beating release, so we hope Battlefones will win a few hearts and minds.

April 2009